Organic Australian Beige Clay Face Mask

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Our Australian Beige Clay face mask is an amazing organic all natural detox, refreshing cleanser.

Our faces are always exposed to the harsh wear and tear of everyday life.

Stop increasing the damage by using chemical based beauty products filled with additives and who knows what else.

Our one of a kind Products use the most high quality, all natural organic ingredients, which will give your face a healthy, youthful appearance.

Amazing benefits include, but not limited to;

Deeply cleanses pores
Adds nutrients
Stimulates circulation
Tones & tightens skin
Pulls out toxins
Eliminate impurities that age skin
Draws out excess oils from skin
Gentle exfoliate
Mineral rich
Natural detox
Remove & prevent acne & blemishes
Removes dead skin cells
Unclog pores
Smooth radiant glowing skin


Ingredients: Organic Australian Beige Clay, Bentonite powder