Organic Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitener Powder

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Activated charcoal is an all natural, organic teeth whitener and is an oxidized version of charcoal used to effectively whiten teeth.

It removes external stains from your teeth without the toxic chemical ingredients used in commercial tooth whitening, helping to reduce things that cause cavities, gum disease and bad breath.

It naturally whitens teeth, polishes teeth, strengthens enamel and detoxifies your mouth without any chemicals or harmful ingredients. 

And I'm Odorless, tasteless & nontoxic!

Available Sizes: 1 ounce or 2 ounces

Brush with activated charcoal after two hours of eating to properly detox and whiten your teeth. 

Detailed instructions are included!

Comes with or without charcoal infused bamboo toothbrush! This helps boost whitening power!

Ingredients: Organic activated charcoal powder, bentonite powder